Proven Success: GradeMaster Increases Student Learning
GradeMaster will help teachers and schools revamp their traditional gradebooks by working towards standards-based learning and differentiated learning.  This remodeling of assessing students is no small task. GradeMaster partners with you to make implementation as seamless as possible.  Should you still choose to utilize traditional grading, GradeMaster is here to support you as well.
Benefits of GradeMaster
Saves Teachers Precious Time

Easy To Start
 Easy To Use

Analyze Data To Allow For Differentiation
Communicate Learning Progress With Students and Parents

Drive Instruction, Implementation And Assessment



IEP/504 Wizard

Data Powerhouse

Hybrid Functionality
All In One
Student/Parent Portal

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2-1-20 New Attendance module
1-20-19 KICK's Attendance Program
7-21-19 Fully customizable forms

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